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To exceed every guest’s expectation every day of every stay. 


At Ceres Enterprises, we cultivate a SHARE success culture.


We make smart decisions, thinking first always, consulting others often, and keeping the customer first. We may not always make the right decision, but we always have the opportunity to make things right.

Experience and ambition breeds smarts on the job.  Lack of formal education will not prevent successful promotion for someone who proves their ability and has the desire to grow.



We will create an environment of happiness and harmony for our guests and other associates.

We greet every guest, and fellow associates, with a genuine smile.

By striving to be our best each day and keeping our guest’s experience first and foremost, we will have unmatched job satisfaction.



We are Associates, not simply employees.  Each of us is an integral part of the team and an integral part of the company’s success.

Like a family, we put people first and care about the success of our fellow associates.

We check our egos at the door.  There are no superstars – just a super team.



We set and strive for daily, weekly and yearly goals.

We work hard each day to encourage and support each other.  We always offer a hand up.

We communicate openly and often throughout all levels of the organization.



We perform our duties with a sense of urgency, determination, and a high level of energy.  Never put off to tomorrow what can be done today.  We take action with confidence.

We will enthusiastically celebrate our successes together as a team, which breeds further success.


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