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Ceres Enterprises has enjoyed many years of operational success.  It begins and ends with our people!   We take hiring the best of the best very seriously.  We use tools such as Predictive Index in hiring to not only hire the best, but to ensure proper personalized training, and great synergy within our hotel teams.  We look at operational excellence as an everyday expectation.  Exceptional guest satisfaction is what drives our bottom line and is the lifeblood of our business.  In the year 2017 our hotels collectively reported a 46% gross operating profit.


 Cost containment is extremely important.  We have great checks and balances and take it very seriously, however not to be overshadowed by the crucial element of having well trained hospitality professionals in each and every position. Our tremendous history of sales statistics and successes are a direct bi-product of our total team effort of offering exceptional guest satisfaction!  Delighted guests become loyal repeat guests and top line revenue success follows.  Internal operational reviews are conducted quarterly, or even more frequently at each property as needed.  We look at cleanliness, condition, service, food and beverage quality and guest service delivery.

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