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About Us

You have to know where you started to know where you’re going.  In the case of Ceres Enterprises, their leadership position came from the strong background of its owners and leadership team.


Frank Crisafi, Founder and CEO, received his law degree and then started Ceres Enterprises back in 1958 (originally known as Zepkin & Crisafi Realty) when he opened his first commercial real estate office in Cleveland, Ohio.  The office had just 5 employees, but led by Frank and his passion for people and business, grew to 8 offices and 300 employees in just 7 years.


Frank knew from early on that the success and growth of the company came from his people.  So he worked hard to establish a “family” culture where employees looked out for each other, celebrated each other’s victories, and served customers with passion and kindness.  “People make the party” is a phrase that Frank Crisafi lived by in those early years, and still does today. 


In 1986, Frank developed his first hotel – a Residence Inn by Marriott in Middleburg Heights, Ohio.  Through the eyes of his guests, he immediately saw the potential of the industry, and his passion grew.  As Frank often says, “You have to Dream it before you can do it.”


Today, Ceres Enterprises, LLC, entire business involves owning and operating fine hotels.  It remains family owned and is led by Frank Crisafi, CEO, and his son, David Crisafi, President. Like his father, David has also had success in hotel and real estate development, and also has his law degree. 


Working with the premier franchises of the hotel industry – Marriott, Hilton, and Wyndham – they have developed a portfolio in Ohio and Indiana markets that have won numerous awards and lead the industry in customer satisfaction. 


Through effective marketing strategies, imaginative expense planning, innovative thinking and focusing on people, Ceres Enterprises is poised for a very profitable future with aggressive plans for growth in new markets.

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