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Sales & Marketing

Ceres Enterprises addresses the sales effort with both a sophisticated and personal relationship approach.  We believe strongly in direct sales.  Our sales professionals undergo extensive training on building relationships, providing personalized service to our clients, prospecting, and share shifting from competitive hotels. In 2017 Ceres hotels enjoyed record setting top line revenues at all of our properties and have proven time and again to be revpar leaders in the markets that we serve.  Beyond aggressive direct sales efforts, we rely on refined and effective strategies for revenue management using competitive intelligence tools such as Hotelligence, TravelClick, and the Knowland Report to proactively target incoming demand generators.


Selling is not just for sales professionals at our hotels! We emphasize and require all General Managers and Front Desk Associates to be leaders in the sales efforts as well!  In developing relationships with our guests, we pick up valuable sales leads from the inside!  We establish lofty revenue goals for our hotels, share them with all associates to achieve buy in and total team participation in reaching them.


Our property Directors of Sales submit weekly sales activity reports to the Corporate Director of Sales.  This does two things.  It holds those at the property level accountable for meeting weekly goals, and the report submissions also cultivate conversation, and the sharing of strategy methods.  Using a team approach assists us in leveraging each other’s strengths! 


We believe very strongly in holding periodic client events.  A great point of differentiation between our hotels and our competitors is our complete dedication to the relationships with our clients.  We welcome our clients into our hotels just as one welcomes an old friend into their home often times to celebrate them and thank them for their loyalty to our hotels!


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