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 Accounting. Ceres Enterprises has developed a highly detailed and user friendly accounting system to track financial progress of the hotels to compare performances of individual line items through percentages or costs per occupied room.  Profit and loss statements are useful tools for the property General Managers to compare performance to last year and budget as well as to flag areas where improvement is required.  Each General Manager prepares a month end report which quickly outlines variances. Action plans are quickly developed to overcome variances. We look at several metrics.  Top line revenue, gross operating profit, food costs, overall labor expense.  Additionally, we report outstanding accounts receivable, market share results and overall guest satisfaction, as we feel guest satisfaction ties directly back to top line revenue and house profit.


Payroll. Our payroll system is driven at the property level and executed at Ceres Enterprises corporate headquarters where frequent audits take place, approvals are made, and checks and balances are done.

Human Resources. Ceres Enterprises offers professional human resource assistance to our properties.  Benefit offerings to associates are consistently enhanced through shopping for and obtaining the best healthcare benefits at the best rates.  Additionally, we offer supplemental insurance to all associates.  We consistently conduct wage surveys in the markets we serve to ensure that we are competitive and can attract the best associates.  Human Resources drives updates on workers compensation, OSHA regulations, new hire documentation, annual reviews, coaching and counseling with associates, associate handbook updates and the general codes of conduct for all Ceres Enterprises associates.

Asset Management. Ceres Enterprises has developed unique and cost effective programs for hotel renovations and construction.  The core of asset management at Ceres Enterprises stems from a very detailed preventative maintenance program.  Each guest room is inspected and preventative maintenance is performed quarterly.  This includes plumbing, HVAC, paint touch up and any additional items in the guest room that require repair or touch up.  Additionally, preventative maintenance is done on all mechanical equipment throughout our properties every six months to ensure optimal performance and length of life.


Capital requests are submitted by property leaders each year to the Director of Asset Management, ranked by importance.  Once reserves are set, requests for individual capital projects are submitted to the Director of Finance and to the President of Ceres Enterprises for approval.


Purchasing. Purchasing is an extension of asset management.  Ceres Enterprises requires three bids from sourcing for items to be purchased to ensure the best products at the best price.  Timely purchasing, and detailed scheduling of deliveries are critical to the operation of our hotels.  This also includes purchasing of items for renovations, the interviewing of installers and general contractors.  Complete coordination ensures a smooth process with the minimal interference with hotel business along with the most economical and timely completion of all projects.



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